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desu Designer Homes (founded in 1981) operates Australia wide, with our clients typically building a new home in the $250,000 to $1,500,000 build budget range. We have a brilliant designer home briefing and 3D computer design process, and we offer our clients the freedom to buy their own finishing items. We take the view that there is no better way for a client to personalize a house plan than to have the option to go out and buy their own designer kitchen and bathroom finishings.

Our preferred local builders work on site, personally supervising every trade, as you would expect for a new home build. You can choose from over 50 house plans or bring your own house plan.

Most of our designer home clients will customise one of our house plans or buy off-the-plan as is. 30% of our clients bring their own house plan ideas. We do all types of homes, including split level and elevated floors, and we specialize in cyclone rated zones and difficult build sites.

desu Designer Homes is best suited for clients that plan to live in the home for more than three years. We have a passionate and talented team, and we embrace service, technology and innovation – making it easy for our clients to get exactly what they want.


We make it easy for you to get exactly what you want

desu Designer Homes firmly believes that people deserve to get what they want, especially when building their own home (see that interview ). We work with our clients to design a house plan that will work to a budget, to the block, and to meet the requirements and wants of our clients. We use the term designer homes because we think of each and every home as a unique build suited for that one individual, couple, or family – designed especially for them, and with them designing.

We understand that every single person is unique, and that their home design should reflect who they are and how they live. Our motto is making it easy for clients to get exactly what they want, and whether the client wants to be the home designer, or simply just wants a designer home, we make it easy for this to happen and for them to achieve the Australian dream of designing and building your own unique home – just for you.

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