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Designer Homes – Australia Wide

desu Designer Homes operates Australia wide. Founded in 1981 and quickly grew to be Australia’s leading steel-framed home builder. Now branded to desu and offering both timber and steel framed designer homes.

Any type of designer homes. Anywhere in Australia.

Our clients are typically building designer homes in the $250,000 to $1,500,000 build budget range. We do not serve the high volume first home buyer market of $180,000 to $250,000. Our clients have owned their own home before. They know what they like and they want to influence not only the design but also the detail of finishing selections. Quite often they have purchased a rather unique block of land, not suited to high volume builders.

Most of our clients are focused on quality and they want flexibility in design and finishing selections.  95% of our clients are planning to living in the designer homes themselves for the medium or long term.

We are perhaps the last national company to champion the onsite licensed builder model.  We believe their is no substitute for quality.  We do not subscribe to the industry trend of leaving trades on site, checked up on every few days via a mobile supervisor looking after 6-12 homes at a time.

We place our preferred local builders on site.  We want them personally involved in the day to day build.  We want them supervising the quality of each and every trade.  This is what we believe the consumer expects from a licensed builder and we expect our onsite builder to take personal ownership of our client’s experience.

Designer Homes and House Plans

Designer Homes – Custom Design

Our designer homes can be built off the plan and we offer custom design.  We have a brilliant custom design briefing process.  We make it easy for our clients to get exactly what they want as they balance budget, design and finishing options.

We are the only company that gives you the freedom to buy your own finishing items.  For example, freedom to use your own favourite kitchen company.  We manage that process from a contract and finance perspective.  Without any hidden costs or admin charges.

Most of our designer homes clients will customise one of our house plans or buy off-the-plan as is.  30% of our clients bring their own house plan ideas. We do all types of homes, including split level and elevated floors, and we specialize in cyclone rated zones and difficult build sites.

Designer Homes – Off The Plan

Some of our clients are looking to save money by buying designer homes off the plan.  We still offer unique flexibility.  Our off the plan clients can still customise several aspects of the look and feel.  For example, by mixing different external cladding types.

We still offer the freedom to buy their own internal finishing items.

Designer Homes – Over 50 House Plans

We have over 50 different house plans to choose from.

We specialise in sloping and difficult build sites.  We have plans for every type of site.  From small narrow blocks, to sites on cliffs and beaches in cyclone zones, to wide frontage acreage homes.

You can start with one of our house plans.  You can even join together several aspects of different homes you like and run through a custom design process to get exactly what you want.

Building Designer Homes

Designer Homes – On Site Licensed Builder

We believe there is no substitute on quality.  There is no better outcome for our client than placing our preferred licensed builders on the actual build site.  Nearly all of our clients are planning to live in the designer homes themselves for the medium to long term.  Therefore, it is the attention to detail of the onsite licensed builder that makes all of the difference to our client’s experience.

We embrace that licensed builder model and use our national buying power and technology to make it cost effective for our clients.

Designer Homes – making it easy for you to get exactly what you want

desu Designer Homes has a passionate and talented team.  We embrace service, technology and innovation.

We consider ourselves the most advanced company in Australia for applying leading edge technologies to innovate the client experience.

Our clients are connected 24/7 via our app, which gives our clients real time access to plans, status, schedules, build photos and our team.

We use the world’s most advanced CRM system (Salesforce) to manage the non-building aspects of our business and our team are connected via Yammer.

We think of each and every home as a unique build suited for that one individual, couple, or family – designed especially for them.

We understand that every single person is unique, and that their home design should reflect who they are and how they live.

We are all about making it easy for clients to get exactly what they want.

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