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Custom Home Designs Australia
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Our Story

Our clients are folks planning to live in the new home themselves, medium to long term.

Our clients love the thrill of custom design, making every detail of their new home exactly the way they want it.  We design each home in 3D and we computer cost each design interation to ensure no wastage and the best use of our client's budget.

No one in Australia offers the desu experience and our clients enjoy it as much as we do.

Founded 35 years ago we have evolved with the market and consider ourselves Australia's most technology advanced company in residential building.

Discover the desu difference by talking to our passionate and authentic team.

Desu Designer Homes Story  

Custom design the home that suits your lifestyle.

Get value with our low square meter build rates and superior build quality

Remove the unknowns before signing the build contract.


Make every aspect of your home perfect for you.

Design your home with us - visualise and test the living spaces with our 3D program.

We are Australia’s most technologically advanced residential home design and project management company.

desu Designer Homes will help visualise your home with our 3D program and architectural design iterations at competitive rates.

Within our target geography our homes are built by Australia’s leading investment homes builder – delivering you the lowest possible square meter rates for custom design and superb finishing quality.  Outside the target geography we do the design and supply of materials for construction by our client's choice of local builder or our network of preferred local builders.

Before the build contract, we take care of:

  • preliminary and architectural design;
  • town planning pre-approvals/MCUs consultations with council;
  • soil tests and contour surveys (where required); and
  • assessing requirements specific to the local council.

We take care of these prior to you signing the build contract.

  • Work with our talented, passionate team.
  • Start with our home ideas or with your own ideas.
  • We won’t impose our ideas and products. We are all for designing the new home to your vision.
  • Refine the architectural design to match your vision.
  • We’ll work with you, no matter the type of site, home design or finishing selections.
  • If you already have architect plans, let us assess the cost-effectiveness of the build and help streamline to avoid waste and budget blowouts.
  • Low square build meter rates, massive buying power from Australia’s leading high-volume investment homes builder.
  • Outstanding build quality and three levels of completion inspections, including an independent expert.


  • Founded in 1981.
  • Upfront Site Report via our town planners.
  • Address regulatory hurdles early in the design process.
  • Computer cost the build for each iteration of the preliminary and architectural design, eliminating wastage and budget blowouts.
  • 24/7 access to all documentation, communications and progress photos, via your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.
  • The first company in the residential housing sector to implement Salesforce.com and BuilderTREND.com.

Home Designs

Choose from over 50 inspiring new home designs or let us help you design your dream home. We are Australia’s most technology advanced custom designer home company, and the first in Australia to implement BuilderTREND and Salesforce from the USA.

You can modify one of our home designs or we can custom design from your house plans, ideas or sketch design.

4 Bedroom House Plans St Gervasi 1

The desu Difference

Our mission is to make it easy for you to get exactly what you want.

Australians love the idea of designing and building their own home. We love to make the layout, living spaces and finishing selections exactly the way we dream them. However, custom home design has led to expensive build rates. But not anymore.

We are the only company in Australia to combine 3D computer custom architectural design and total freedom on finishing selections, with the competitive pricing of Australia’s leading investment homes builder.

We serve clients looking to build in the high quality $250,000 to $600,000 range, on occasion up to $1,500,000.

Our clients are owner-occupiers planning to live in the new home long-term. Therefore, they prefer being able to influence the design and finishing selections.

Our clients receive the best of both worlds – the brilliant services and client experience from desu, combined with the buying power and build quality of the Australian leader in the competitive investment homes market.

We manage the client experience as a 1:1 personal relationship: From initial enquiry through a set process of sourcing design briefing, site checks, feasibility, 3D design, preliminary designs, detailed selections, architectural designs, contracts and approvals.

We give our clients the freedom to buy their own finishing items with no mark-up or administrative charges. We think that there is no better way for our clients to personalise their new home than to have the freedom to go out and buy the things they want.

Our highly motivated, passionate and talented team aims to help the client get exactly what they want. We don’t impose our views. We embrace our client’s vision and focus on the best ways to deliver it.

We take great pride in serving you - we want every client to love their experience with desu Designer Homes.

Urban, Country And Beach Home Designs

Our designs cater for urban, country and beach-style homes.

Our most popular urban home design is the Olot

On country home designs we have the Montseny

For beach home designs, the St Gervasi.

Open Plan Home Designs

Open plan designs date back to the 1920s inspiration of Mies Van Der Rohe, the famous Dutch architect who combined open plan spaces with pavilion-style design. This inspiring architect was renowned for The Barcelona Pavilion, designed for the 1929 International Exposition.

home designs barcelona pavilion

The Barcelona Pavilion home designs by Mies Van Der Rohe.

Most of our home designs embrace open plan living, creating free flowing spaces from kitchen to dining and living areas. Whilst historically the emphasis on outdoor living areas has mainly been in Queensland, we are now seeing that trend in house plans from our clients Australia-wide.

Pole Home Designs

We embrace the challenge of sloping blocks and sites. We do all types of homes, including split level house plans and elevated floors. We specialise in cyclone-rated zones and difficult build sites.

home designs the valencia

Home Designs The Valencia

Of our pole home designs, the Madrazo is our most popular.

Off The Plan Home Designs

Each of our home designs can be built as off the plan homes. This will usually save our client 4-6% on the overall build costs.That said, our clients are folks planning to live in the new home for at least three years, in some cases forever. Being able to personalise the design is extremely important. Therefore, 70% of our clients prefer custom home designs. The other 30% come to us with a plan they have created together with architects or building designers.

Lately, most clients have been wanting custom home designs – the ability to change the house plans without a blowout on costs.When it comes to managing a custom design project, we start off by sourcing town planning site report, design brief and feasibility assessment. Then, preliminary design is done with computer 3D images and detailed inclusions.

home designs the barcelona

Home Designs The Barcelona

On custom designs, we make it easy for our clients to get exactly what they want as they balance budget, design and finishing options.

We also provide the freedom for our clients to buy their own finishing items. For example, the freedom to use their favourite kitchen company. We manage those client choices without any hidden costs or admin charges.