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What a great start to 2014!  You might have heard quite a lot of talk around the building industry picking up and we are here to confirm that yes, we are feeling better than ever about things here at desu Designer Homes.

General Manager, Lee Janssen said he is very excited to see things picking up in the industry.

“I’ve been with desu Designer Homes for just over six years now and although we managed to keep growing during the financial crisis, it’s great to be able to have a little confidence again,” Lee Janssen said.

“I think it’s important to try and stay humble even though there is a definite positive shift.

I believe part of the problem that the building industry has is that building companies get that hint of confidence and go a little crazy with hiring and spending to keep up with the work, then if things take a dip, they don’t have enough work to keep contractors on and subsequently find themselves in debt.

It’s all about having a ‘scalable’ business model that can either keep-up in the good times or manage in the low times, and I am confident we have that nailed here at desu Designer Homes

Lee said the areas growing the most seem to be around Southern Western Australia and Sydney.

“We’re a national company so I assume we’re probably feeling this comeback a little sooner than other smaller, local builders,” Lee said.

“We are getting more and more enquiries from people building in Sydney and the southern parts of Western Australia.

They are mostly looking to build their ‘forever homes’ rather than investments or first-homes.

We expect this demographic of people with the types of homes we build being luxury and custom design.”

You can browse our range of house plans here. For more information, please call desu Designer Homes 1300 00 DESU or 1300 00 3378.

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