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There really are no limits to the types of smart phone applications (apps) on the market today with all sorts of apps now available to assist you with any type of building project.

Whether you are endeavoring to build a new house, are in the midst of a renovation project or just looking to “spruce” your place up with a fresh coat of paint, the list of apps to help is endless.

Here are five of the most useful.

1. Sun Seeker

The Sun Seeker app is one that comes highly recommended by desu Designer Homes.  It can prove particularly useful if you are looking at purchasing a block of land.

People often don’t realize just how important the sun’s position is when deciding to build a new home.

By using the Sun Seeker app, you can easily determine how a block of land is exposed to sunlight. In the paid version of this app, you can use the 3D view to point your phone in any direction and it will overlay the sun’s path, hour by hour, on your live video image.

What you ultimately want is to plan a house on a block so the living rooms face north as they will be exposed to the sun the most.

This app is also useful if you are looking at purchasing an existing property as you can work out if the home’s living areas will be warm in winter and cool in summer.


2. Brightgreen

Brightgreen is a free app produced by Brightgreen, an Australian LED lighting designer company.

This app is very handy when deciding how to light each particular room in your home.

Brightgreen could potentially save you a lot of money as it suggests the accurate quality and quantity of lights depending on the size of your rooms, ceiling height and the level of reflectivity based on wall and furniture colours.

This app also gives technical details like lumen output, wattage, warranty and CRI rating so you can be sure that you are making the right selection of lights.


3. Houzz

Houzz is an impressive app with over 500,000 house images that you can sort by room and further narrow down by style.

If you are lacking design inspiration then this is your app.  Proceed with caution though; you may be overwhelmed by the amount of truly beautiful homes stored on this app.

Houzz allows you to compile a list of your favourite images, decorating pieces and handy hints as you find them for quick reference later on.

This app also has functions like product ranges (with prices) organised by room, a seemingly never ending list of hints and a directory of professional services to help you build or renovate however, unfortunately these are all currently American companies.


4. Dulux MyColour

Have you have ever been out and about and seen a colour that has inspired you for your painting project but not been able to match it once you arrive at the paint store?  Then you must download the Dulux MyColour app now.

This app helps you to capture the colour that you want to use, matches it with the Dulux colour available and let’s you save the colour within the app so you can refer to it later on when you are at the paint shop.

Whether it be the colour of a print on your blouse, your neighbour’s kitchen cupboards or the sun set, Dulux will match it with this app.

Similarly, the CSR ColourPicker app will help you match a colour from an image you take with the nearest available bricks or rooftiles.


5. ColorChange

If you have trouble visualizing if a colour you like will complement your surrounding furniture, floors and window trims, you’re not alone and luckily they have built an app just for you.

The ColorChange app allows you to take a picture with your phone of the space you want to paint and you play around with putting different colours in this space to help you see what works best.


Here you can download all the apps mentioned above.  desu Designer Homes recommend that you read the app descriptions to ensure they will meet your requirements before buying.


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