House Plans

You can choose from over 50 inspiring country, urban and beach style house plans. Or we can work from your own plans or sketch design, as we will first source every home in computer 3D per your Design Brief.

We have house plans for narrow blocks, sloping sites and country acreages. There are no types of house plans we won’t take on. We are careful not to impose our own ideas. Our team is there to guide and work with you. We are all about delivering on the client’s dream, making it easy for our clients to get exactly what they want.

We are Australia’s first in residential new home building to implement BuilderTREND and Salesforce from the USA.  These technologies make sure nothing gets missed and provide you, our client, with 24/7 visibility of progress on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Urban House Plans

For urban and inner-city sites, we offer narrow block and split level homes. Our urban house plans focus on maximizing the use of space and minimizing construction costs. These designs have flare and focus on making the home energy efficient.

Our most popular urban house plans are the Olot and the Bilbao.

Country House Plans

We also offer large acreage style country house plans. These can be finished in modern external claddings or traditional brick and country style linear board. For example, our Queenslander house plans.

Our most popular country house plans are the Toledo and the Montseny.

Beach Style House Plans

Historically our beach style house plans have focused mainly on Queensland, but now we are doing some absolutely stunning homes around Byron Bay and the northern beaches of NSW. We are also seeing increasing demand for beach style house plans along the scenic coastlines of Victoria.

Our most popular beach style house plans are the St Gervasi and the Barcelona.

House Plans Australia Wide

Australia wide, our most popular house plans at the moment are the St Gervasi and the Valencia.

Like many of our house plans the Valencia was inspired by a client’s sketch. You may appreciate the minimal use of hallways and wasted space. It has a certain wow factor upon entering the home, especially how it opens to reveal large open spaces flowing onto the deck and views.

Perhaps the most challenging and rewarding house plans we have encountered are the two large homes built on steep drop off to capture ocean and land views at Wamuran and Doonan.

The Manresa House Plans

The Manresa House Plans

The first phase in creating suitable house plans for any given block is carefully factoring in the overlays and factors effecting the specific block of land, before creating any designs or plans. desu Designer Homes runs a detailed property information check to determine what factors are going to effect the design of the house and also how these factors will effect the budget and final cost of the home.  We engage industry leading town planners and building designers on your behalf, to make sure the design is not only compliant, but the best possible solution versus your Design Brief and the natural conditions of the site.

Like any good architect will say, the design and layout of the home should reflect the inhabitants and the living requirements of those living there. As well as capturing the specifics of the block of the land, the design process needs to look carefully at the client’s tastes and specific requirements. These are captured in a comprehensive Design Brief before being applied to the house plans.